Procurement and Delivery of Materials and Equipment

Gazpromneft Supply International doo successfully manages the procurement of materials and equipment for O&G sector enterprises in addition to other industries of production and acts as a 4-PL provider.

Gazpromneft Supply International has a required experience in the equipment delivery to Companies all over the World.

Gazpromneft Supply International doo selects vendors, arranges for technical audits and procurement affairs according to the Customer’s Procurement Plan, and effectively manages procurement procedures.

Arrangement and development of input control at the starting point of the supply chain lowers the risk of discovering substandard elements of a project only after already having paid for logistics expenses, and eliminates the need for time compensation and otherwise construction delays. Cargo relocation controls mandated the creation of a procurement management department whose task is to integrate information for further receipt, accounting services, and to storage and release of materials and equipment to the site.